When you combine cooperation, free duplication and cheapness, you have an explosion. Torrents take all three. ICOs take only cooperation and cheapness (relatively). Google Movies and Apple Music are free duplication and cheapness. Linux/GNU is cooperation and free duplication.

Each of there three is gold mine even by itself. Google Ads are so cheap for you, that you willingly pay your attention to them. And Google sells that attention. Free duplication is what makes all the software profitable and that gave us boosting growth for the last 30 years. Movies are also the product of the free duplication.

Cooperation is any human interaction. Whenever you exchange your money for products or your work for your salary, you give away what is less valuable to your and receive what is more valuable. Moreover, that is true for another party, or they wouldn’t exchange at all! Here lie many billion-dollar startup ideas. Take any and you’re rich in no time.

Published: February 04 2018

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