Hi! My name is Aleksey Bykhun. I am a great web designer</h1>

Mainly, I do programming (aka coding). Curriculum Vitae. Currently I work at small Moscow-based cryptostartup called Gram Up!. We do Instagram automation. I try to bend Instagram API on command and make your followers go crazy.

Pro Tip: have a hard time reading? Press Ctrl + A. The video is GIF, so don't worry about high FPS

In the past, I have worked on different projects:

When away from computer, I usually sleep or eat. However, I have some hobbies:

Not sure whether this design is great or horrible? Or, maybe, horreat or grorrible? </div>
You can discuss this with me. My links are below: </p>

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Curriculum Vitae aleksey.bykhun@phystech.edu github.com/caffeinum stackoverflow.com/story/caffeinum
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